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It is here!

Posted by Andi on January 30, 2008

The yarn I ordered for the phiaro scarf arrived!

SWTC Oasis

The color looks a little different than how I expected it to look, but I’m still happy with it. Actually, it’s probably better. It is taking every ounce of self control I have to keep me from casting on right now. I figure that this piece will be simple enough to knit that I will take it to knitting group, and will probably be a traveling project. As simple as the piano scarf is to knit, carrying around two balls of yarn to work with at all times, as well as keeping them untangled and paying attention to where I am on the chart, it can sometimes be a pain int he butt. So maybe from now on I will keep that one at home.

This is where I start to feel a little bit guilty. Both of my “active” projects, as well as the phiaro scarf, are being made out of yarn bought specifically for those projects. The yarn for two of these projects has been purchased within the past month. What happened to the stash busting I’m supposed to be doing? Maybe next project.


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