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What I did on my lunch break

Posted by Andi on January 5, 2008

Yesterday, during my lunch break, I left work and took the train down to one of my LYSs. Normally I wouldn’t go so far away during my lunch break, but I really didn’t feel like going after work.

My purchase? My first set of sock blockers. Why? Because I knew that last night I would finish my first ever sock!

My first sock

All I had to do last night was decrease at the toe and graft it shut. I haven’t washed it yet, so it’s not really blocking yet. Here is a picture that shows the colors better:

My first sock - close up

The yarn is by Fleece Artist, and I received it in a swap for one of my Ravelry groups.

I didn’t take long at all. And since I can’t wait to wear my socks, I cast on of the second one immediately after finishing the first. I don’t really understand second sock syndrome, can someone explain it to me? I mean, having just one sock is useless. Why would one knit a sock and then not knit the second one? What does one do with one sock? It makes no sense to me.


2 Responses to “What I did on my lunch break”

  1. sleepknitting said

    Sock blockers rock! I’ve got the same make as you, they are great – good luck with the second sock!

  2. Katy said

    I think that second sock syndrome comes from knitters who are bored with the sock that they just finished and are excited for some other knitting project. Clearly, you are a product motivated knitter.

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