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FO: Cabled Pocket Shawl

Posted by Andi on December 25, 2007

EDIT If you are looking for the pattern for this shawl, see this post.

Cabled Pocket Shawl

Pattern: Cabled Pocket Shawl
Yarn: Lion Brand Chunky USA (discontinued)
Needles: US 7, 9, 10

Cabled Pocket Shawl

I’m really happy with how this shawl turned out. My mom, who was the recipient, seemed to love it, which made me really happy. This yarn is discontinued, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. I love many of the Lion Brand yarns I have used. I use Wool Ease regularly. But this yarn really hurt my fingers. The pain was worth it, though, to see the smile on my mom’s face when she opened the box! And to be fair, the garment softened up a lot after a machine wash.

Cabled Pocket Shawl

I feel like this project has come full circle since the start of my knitting days. As I stated earlier I’m sure, the main reason I started knitting was to make presents for people. Obviously this is one! After purchasing my first knitting book and making my first gift from it, I decided I enjoyed the craft enough to continue. I believe it was my second or third knitting book I got that had a pattern for a cardigan that I really wanted to make for my mom. I purchased this yarn to make that sweater, and I actually started the sweater twice. The first time my gauge changed while knitting and it was coming out the wrong size. I was a new knitter, so I guess this wasn’t a surprising development. The surprising thing is that I allowed it to happy again on a sweater I made for Tim even after that. But I digress. I started the sweater a second time, and I really didn’t like how it was turning out. Or, really, I didn’t like the sweater anymore. It had no shaping, so I knew it would just hang on her. And. the. whole. thing. was. in. seed. stitch. OMG. Bad times.

I put the yarn back into my small but growing stash, and forgot about it for a while. Then I got another knitting book that had a pattern for a cardigan, and I thought this yarn could work for it. And I gave it a shot, but again I wasn’t really happy with it, and I didn’t think my mom would be either. I frogged it (except for a sleeve, which I found when I was digging through my stash to find this yarn to make this shawl), and then forgot about the yarn again.

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew my mom would like it, and when I saw that it called for a chunky yarn I was thrilled. Finally I could use the yarn to make a gift for my mom, which was the whole purpose of getting that yarn in the first place. I feel like I was destined to make this shawl, and my mom was destined to have it.

Edited to add: I don’t have this pattern. I had printed it out long ago and lost it. It is available on Ravelry as a free download. If you have not joined Ravelry, it’s free too. Here is a link.


12 Responses to “FO: Cabled Pocket Shawl”

  1. Pat Benton said

    Hello – Your cabled pocket shawl is beautiful. This is exactly the type of item I would like to make for an elderly friend (so she can still use it this winter). But I cannot seem to find the pattern. Is there a way I can get it from you?
    Best regards,

  2. Penny said

    I love the shawl and would like to get the pattern.
    Is ther a way I could get from you?


  3. Evelyn Balodis said

    I’ve been searching for this cabled pocket shawl pattern too. Knitpicks had it as a free pattern – but it is no longer available on their website.
    Yours turned out beautifully.
    Could you send me the pattern?

  4. Lorraine said

    please need this pattern to make for my sister.

  5. Lorraine said

    Love this pattern need to make for my sister

  6. […] by Andi on May 20, 2008 Several people have commented on my Cabled Pocket Shawl post, asking they could get a copy of the pattern. Originally I found this pattern on the Knit […]

  7. Alina said

    OMG. I’m so happy that I came across your web site!
    Would you please send me the pattern for the Cabled Pocket Shawl. I’ve been searching for a few weeks, so I’m so happy to have found you.
    Thank you so much.

  8. judy said

    would love to have a copy of this pattern

  9. jennifer said

    Great shawl. Could i get the pattern from you?
    Which yarn did you use?
    Blessings : )

  10. Andi said

    I used Chunky USA by Lion Brand. I believe it’s been discontinued. I had it in my stash.

    The pattern can be found here:

  11. Paola said

    I am also searching for this pattern after trying on this shawl at the store! Its lovely and I know the perfect person to knit this for on Christmas! However, I have not yet received my invitation from the Ravelry website to download this pattern. Could anyone send me the pattern???? – I would be etrnally grateful!


  12. Johanna Hartman said

    Would you please send me this pattern. I love it. Thanks.

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