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New patterns: Knitty and Knitscene preview

Posted by Andi on December 11, 2007

I don’t know why I didn’t post about this when it came out last week, but oh well. The new Knitty is up. Here’s what I want to make:

Halcyon – I really want to find some ribbon with skulls on it to make a punk rock version of this scarf.
Dahlia – It’s not my usual style, but for some reason I love this.
Stardust – Same here. Some day I’ll have to start wearing nice clothes, and this looks like something good to start with.
Chevronlace Socks
Azure Socks
Slippery Socks
Toirneach Kilt Hose – I probably won’t make these because I don’t know anyone who wears a kilt, but I kind of wish I did now so I could make them.
Jeanie – I was thinking of making the Icarus shawl to go with my black dress to wear to a wedding next year, but I think I might make this instead.

The preview for the new Knitscene is up, too.

Souvenir hoodie – This is the sort of thing I’ve been wanting to buy for myself the past couple of springs and I just haven’t.
Phiaro Scarf – I can see myself making lots of these.
Universal Tunic
Pebble Hoodie – I love it!

I think I might like more of these patterns, but the preview pictures are kind of small. There was nothing that I disliked. Ugh, so many patterns! And I have too many other things to do!


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