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My knitting goals for this long weekend

Posted by Andi on November 21, 2007

I’m defining the weekend as starting after I leave work this afternoon through Sunday night.

1. Check to make sure the yarn I have in my stash is enough for a certain Christmas present I plan to make. I finally get to use my new scale! I hope to cast on for this project next week.

2. Finish Tim’s gloves. This is ridiculous already. It’s glove-wearing weather and he doesn’t have his gloves. He’s using the ones he had from last year, but these will be better and he should have them already.

3. Finish Branching Out. Now that I’m used to the pattern it goes pretty quickly. I hope I can get it done this weekend. Two finished objects in one week, how awesome would that be?  Because Tim will be with me this weekend I will not be able to work on Cobblestone at all.  This makes me sad, but if I can get these two things out of the way it means I can then just focus on Cobblestone and #1.

4. The only circumstance under which I am allowed to buy yarn this weekend is if the yarn I’m planning to use in #1 isn’t sufficient.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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