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New WIP: Branching out

Posted by Andi on November 15, 2007

I cast on for Branching Out Sunday afternoon at my knitting group after I bound of My So Called Scarf and didn’t feel like weaving in ends at Starbucks.

Branching Out

This is the third holiday gift I cast on, and it is intended for my stepmother’s grandmother. She’s an elderly woman, and outside of knitting for her I don’t really know what to give her for Christmas. She used to crochet (I’m not sure if she knit or not), and whenever I am at my dad and stepmother’s house knitting she is always interested in what I’m working on, so I thought she would appreciate this. The yarn is by Sofil. I never heard of Sofil before, but I got 5 balls of it in a grab bag at Yarn Con. It looks like an antiquey sort of color, which I thought would go well with the lace. So far I like it.

I’ve also started working on Cobblestone again while Tim isn’t home. He came home from work two hours early on Tuesday, right while I was working on it. It’s a good thing I was watching something on my computer, because when he walked in I dropped the sleeve I was working on under the desk and told him to leave the room. I don’t think he saw it. Unfortunately he must now suspect that I’m making something for him. At least what I’m making is still a surprise. I was also thinking of getting him something else, in case the sweater doesn’t go over, and so that will be a surprise as well. Right now it’s a surprise to me too! I’m thinking maybe tickets to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, but we’ll see. One ticket I can swing. Two will be more difficult.


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