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Passing knitting on

Posted by Andi on October 28, 2007

My Aunt Joan passed away a few weeks ago.

From the needles of Joanie

She had been a knitter, but this wasn’t something I shared with her. I never saw her with knitting needles in her hands, nor had I ever heard her speak of knitting. I don’t think I found out she knit until after my grandparents died and the family was cleaning out the house. My mom showed me some cardigans she had made, and told me that she used to knit all the time.

A few days after her death my family went through some of her things, and found some garments she had knit. I was shown 4 garments, and I took three of them. I didn’t take the last one because it wouldn’t have fit me.

The first was a shawl.


Shawl stitch

This is an interesting stitch pattern. I thought it would be great for using while I sit on the couch and watch television in winter months.

The other two garments are sweaters. They are made with the same kind of yarn, but they are different colors and have different collars.

Green sweater

This sweater is a little darker than the picture shows. Here is the collar of the other:


Both of these sweaters are really warm, and will be great for those days where I don’t really want to wear a jacket, but it’s too cold for just a thin shirt. I love how the thickness of the yarn changes throughout.

What is this?

I’m glad I was able to have these things. We didn’t share her love of knitting while she was alive, but it’s something she was able to share with me after her passing.


2 Responses to “Passing knitting on”

  1. I am so glad that you have these memories!!!

    So sorry for your loss

  2. purlygirls said

    Sorry for your family’s loss. It’s nice that you have something handmade by your aunt!

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