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WIP update

Posted by Andi on October 9, 2007

Not only have I not been in much of a knitting mood, I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood either. I have a post brewing in my brain, but it requires me to take pictures, and I’m also not sure how I want to say what’s in my head. I won’t get to that post until tomorrow night at the earliest, so instead, here is a WIP update.

1. He Drives Me Wild Gloeves – All I have left on the first glove is the thumb. Tim tried it on the other day and is happy with how it fits. There’s not a lot of extra room on the middle finger. While it fits, I think he would be more comfortable if it were a little longer. I think I will just try to stretch it a bit when I block it, and add a couple of extra rows to the middle finger on the second glove. Otherwise it’s perfect so far. I meant to finish the thumb last night, but I didn’t get around to it. I have a concert to go to tonight, so I don’t think I will get to it tonight either. Wednesday?

2. Cobblestone – I did a good job on working on this over the weekend when Tim wasn’t around. I’m almost done with the first sleeve. I’ve finished the increases, and just have to knit an inch or so more until I’m done with it. Then I just have the second sleeve and the yoke. I’m liking this knitting in the round for sweaters thing! 🙂

3. Lys – With the focus on the gloves and Cobblestone I haven’t worked on this in a while. I’m so close to finishing one of the front pieces that I should probably just spend a half hour or so on it this week to finish it up. I will feel a sense of accomplishment after that, and then I probably won’t start the other front half for a while!

4. Poinsettia – Ugh. I haven’t worked on this in months. All I have to do is finish it! I keep saying that I want to wear it when the weather gets cold. I know I can finish it in an afternoon, so I figured I would take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and finish it. Unfortunately it’s been in the high 80s here for the past two weekends, which really does not put me in the mood to finish a black wool/acrylic blend sweater. The gloves are much better to work on in this weather. But it’s so close, I really should just finish it up and then it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it any more.

5. Bee’s Knees Socks – I think I’m giving up on this one. I don’t like how the pattern is written, and I really don’t feel like figuring out which stitches should be on which needles. Instead my first pair of socks will be made with the lovely Fleece Artist yarn I got in a swap that was organized in one of my groups on Ravelry. I can’t wait to get started on them!

So now that I listed everything I have worked on, what’s in the pipeline once these are finished?

1. My first pair of socks, mentioned above. I can’t wait to work with this yarn!

2. A Christmas present. I’m pretty certain that the person who will receive this gift does not read this blog, but just in case I probably will only write about it in vague terms until it’s been given.

3. Branching Out, which will be another Christmas present. In this case I know the receiver is not reading this blog, so I can post about it all I want. This will help me get rid of my ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and get me started on lace knitting. I will need the practice. See #5 below.

4. Clapotis. Am I the only person who hasn’t made this yet? I bought the yarn for it over a year ago, maybe even two years ago. Perhaps I should get on that.

5. The Icarus shawl. My cousin is getting married at the end of next year. I have a sleeveless black dress I can wear to the wedding, but I will need something to go over it as it will be winter. I already know which yarn I want to use for it, and I’m torn about whether to get it now while I know the LYS still has it or to wait. I may get it now just to be safe. I have to wait until I get paid again, though.


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