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Posted by Andi on October 4, 2007

Or Estimated Knitting Time.  I think there are two types of Estimated Knitting Time, and while they are related, they are a bit different.  I suck at both.

1. Estimating how long it will take to finish a project.  Generally I’m horrible at this for several reasons.  I still don’t quite have an idea of how long any project should really take me.  There are times when something knits up more quickly than I had anticipated, but often it takes much longer than I would like.  As if that weren’t bad enough, I generally don’t figure in any time for fixing mistakes.

While the gloves I’m making for Tim seem to be knitting up more quickly than I thought given the tiny needles, his Cobblestone sweater is taking much more time than I had wanted it to.  Part of that is due to not being able to work on it when he’s home (see #2 below), but I think it’s a much bigger project than I had thought.  My hope was to give it to him for his birthday in a few days.  It’s not close to completion, however, so I’ve decided to give it to him for Christmas instead.  This is not the first time I have had to push back when I would give him a gift because it wasn’t ready in time.

2. Estimating how much free time I have or the amount of time I’m willing to knit.  This one really hit home last weekend.  My mother and I went to Indiana for my aunt’s funeral.  I figured I would have car time and maybe some time just hanging out in the hotel room where I could knit.  My goal was to finish the first of Tim’s gloves and cast on the second.  Well, I didn’t knit in the car.  I don’t know why.  I guess I didn’t feel like it.  And then I completely overestimated how much knitting time I would have once I was there.  I think I finished one and a half fingers.  It’s better than nothing, but I expected to do more.  There probably was some time I could have been knitting and didn’t.  I have to remember that just because I may have a certain amount of time where I don’t have a commitment I may *gasp* not want to knit during all of it.

I also overestimated how much time I was going to have to work on Cobblestone.  I can only work on it when Tim isn’t home.  I didn’t bring it to Indiana because I didn’t want him to see it when I was coming or going.  And, there are times when he’s not home where I’m working on something else.

The other problem is motivation.  There are times when I just don’t feel like knitting.  I want to truly relax.  Or maybe we’re watching a movie, but because we’re having some beer or wine knitting is not a good idea.  I think I need to get a grasp on how much knitting I’m capable of doing before I start planning projects.


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