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Posted by Andi on September 10, 2007

Can I please, please, work on a project all the way through without having to rip back?  I know mistakes happen, but geez, it would be nice to make it all the way though a projects without having to rip back by several rows, or all the way.

I had been working on Tim’s gloves.  I finally got to the hand after knitting a 5″ cuff in 1×1 rib (ugh), and after I got a couple of inches of the hand done I realized I was doing the cable wrong.  And it looked bad.  Really bad.  And because I don’t know how to fix cables by just dropping the appropriate stitches, I had to rip back.  Well, I frogged it, because I just don’t have the patience to try to rip back to the first row of cabling and making sure I have the right stitches on the right needles.  That’s right, I’d rather redo the whole thing.  I’m weird.

I was annoyed and decided that I needed to switch to another project for a while.  I pulled out Lys, which I haven’t worked on in a few weeks.  I got more of the right front done, and I might do some more yet tonight.  I’m not sure yet.  Size 8 needles feel absolutely enormous after knitting on size 3 DPNs!!


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