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Casting on: He’s driving me wild gloves

Posted by Andi on August 29, 2007

It was so hot yesterday. Disgustingly hot. I did my best to work on Cobblestone during the day. I finished up the first ball of yarn. But when it came time for Tim to come home there was no way I could switch to Lys and have all of that yarn on my lap in that heat. So I decided to start swatching for the “He’s Driving Me Wild Gloves” from Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You Have the Ring) by Judith Durant. I figured the swatch would be little, and so would the gloves, so they would be the perfect project for the hot weather. Of course yesterday was the hottest day this week, but I am still glad I got started. This is my first pair of gloves, and I’m not sure how difficult they will be for me. I want them done before it gets cold and he needs them.

I’m using Dream In Color Classy (worsted weight) yarn in the Deep Seaflower colorway.

Dream In Color Yarn

Tim picked it out himself. I find that swatching is so much more exciting when using an interesting yarn. I loved seeing the blues and purples mix. It looks great knitted up.

We went out to dinner, and then went to one of my LYSs to pick up some DPNs for the gloves. Since I’m an idiot I decided to browse and look at yarn while I was there. Bad. Bad. Bad. I was good and didn’t buy any yarn, but I saw one yarn I wanted to badly. It was another Dream In Color yarn. It was the Smooshy sock yarn in a peach colorway. I purposely didn’t look at the name of the colorway, but looking at the Dream In Color website I deduce it must be Giant Peach. I thought it would make a great pair of socks for me or for my mom. Maybe I’ll go back there tonight and pick it up since it looked like it was the only one left. Hmm.


2 Responses to “Casting on: He’s driving me wild gloves”

  1. elan said

    Be very careful, you delayed buying for one night & may have a reaction & buy more than you intend tonight especially if there are more “last one” skeins of sock yarn about!

  2. Andi said

    That’s a very good point. After reading your comment I came up with a plan of action. I recently signed up to participate in a yarn and mix CD swap on Ravelry. I should get info about my swap partner in a few days. I will wait until then to go back to the store for the yarn swap yarn, and if that one skein is still there, it’s mine. If it’s gone, it’s gone and I look for no others for myself. I would then put all of my enjoyment towards looking for yarn for my partner.

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