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Starting over

Posted by Andi on August 20, 2007

I didn’t do any knitting on Friday or Saturday.  Friday I got my new tattoo.  On Saturday it was still sore.  Since it’s on the bicep of my dominant arm, every time I moved my arm it smarted a bit.  Plus, I had to keep ointment on it, and it was still oozing on it’s own.  That was gross enough, but there was also ink in it.  The last things I wanted were yarn fibers stuck to that or ooze ending up in an knitted object.

I managed to pick up the needles again yesterday.  I continued working on Coachella.  I got quite a bit done on it.  I’m well past the area where I was supposed to try it on to see if the bust fits okay.  Now, I know this may be a stupid decision, but I decided to just finish the top and then try it on.  On my first attempt I put all of the stitches on waste yarn to try it on, but I lost my stitch markers in the process.  I couldn’t figure out where they were supposed to go.  I didn’t want to go through that again.  I could finish it tonight and try it on, which would mean only one day of work in the crapper if it doesn’t fit well.

Ravelry has really inspired me.  I keep seeing all of these patterns I want to make, all of these beautiful yarns, all of these cool groups.  If I’m not careful it will take over my life!


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