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Where do you knit?

Posted by Andi on August 13, 2007

I imagine that we all knit at our homes. Some of us may knit in cafes, either by ourselves or with other knitters. Some knitters knit on public transportation. I’ve knit in parks and on the shore of Lake Michigan.

But where else do you knit?

I’m specifically curious about places that some may deem inappropriate. I was thinking today of some podcasts I was listening to, and probably some blogs I was reading, where people were discussing how they knit during work meetings or while in class at school. I’m really sorry that I don’t remember where I heard most of these things. The only one I seem to remember is Kelley Petkun on the Knit Picks Podcast. I would imagine that if you work for Knit Picks (as the owner or anyone else) you could knit at work and no one would question it.

That got me to thinking about whether or not I could knit at work. My research group has very few meetings these days, but there were times we had meetings on a weekly basis. I wonder what my boss would have said if I had whipped out the needles and started working on a scarf. Or back when I was fulfilling my course requirement, what would one of my professors have said if I pulled out some needles and worked on a sweater sleeve during a lecture? Maybe I’m too anal academically, but I don’t think I could knit in class because then how would I take notes?

So, dear readers, I am asking you. Do you knit at work? At school? What are people’s reactions? Are your bosses/teachers okay with it? Do they encourage it? Did you get in trouble?

Where is the weirdest place you have knit? And what were people’s reactions? I guess I can answer this one. I knit at Brew and View last week before our film started. No one batted an eye.


7 Responses to “Where do you knit?”

  1. Vicky said

    I have to say that I only really knit at home. I think it would be rude to knit at work or school, except in lunch breaks. I read on Ravelry that some people knit whilst at church, but again, I don’t think that’s right. I try not to knit when friends come over, unless they’ve brought their craft project with them. I know that I can knit and talk at the same time, but it’s still dividing my attention. I’ve never knitted anywhere particular wierd though – perhaps I should challenge myself?!!

  2. Andi said

    I knit when I go visit family, but I generally don’t knit when friends come over unless they’re knitting too. I really don’t think I could knit in church.

    Even if I could get away with knitting while at work or school, I don’t know that I would try unless I was knitting a mindless project such as a garter stitch scarf. Otherwise I could see myself making a mistake and cursing rather loudly, or concentrating so much on fixing my mistake that I would miss something important. I think there are many, many venues in which knitting is acceptable, but there is a line there for me. Maybe I’m a little envious that I don’t feel I have the freedom that others seem to have.

  3. Kathleen said

    Knitting was banned at faculty meetings before I even started knitting so I did not knit at work. But, I love knitting in the car, home in my special chair with a pug or kitty next to me., waiting at all kinds of appointments and at Weight Watcher Meetings. My friend and I went on a cruise last winter and I knit all over the place while at shows, on the deck and on lines. When I have company over I do not knit unless they are knitters and would not do it at church.
    Thanks for your commnent about the pattern I am looking for. Most likely it is not out yet like you posted.I am still trying though.

  4. Rachel said

    A while ago one of our Members of Parliament (the equivalent of a Congressperson) got in trouble for knitting in the House. It was eventually ruled that knitting in the House is ok, but not when you’re supposed to be leading the debate. Another of our past MPs said she’d knitted 32 garments during her nine years in Parliament. She said it was the only productive thing she’d accomplished in the debating chamber. šŸ™‚

  5. elan said

    I knit in class in High School & University, it helped me focus on the speaker, I always knit something simple so I could take notes at the same time.

    I knit just about everywhere except in Church.

    In High School a bunch of my male friends took me out for lunch for one of their birthday’s, once I was stuffed in the back seat between them they announced we were going to a strip joint. I didn’t let that bother me too much, I figured the girls didn’t have anything I hadn’t already seen, when we arrived the only seats left were along the stage. I caused a bit of a flurry of interest as I walked through the bar, I think the gents thought the entertainment had arrived since I was in my Catholic school uniform. We sat & ordered beers & lunch & had finished eating before the show started (this was really for the best). When the entertainment started the guys kept stealing looks at me to see how I was reacting, when they had all turned back to the stage I pulled out my knitting. Chris spit beer across the stage the next time he tried to check my reaction & the others laughed until they cried, The dancer was not impressed with us & it was a good thing we had to head back to school. Whenever we get together & someone’s partner comments on my knitting, they tell the story.

  6. Andi said

    Rachel – Ha! That’s fantastic!

    Elan – That’s hysterical! I don’t think I would have a problem knitting in a strip club. Although I am a psychologist, so I think I would just spend my time people watching šŸ™‚

    Kathleen – I don’t have pugs in my home (I’m not allowed) by my dad has 2. When I knit at their home I am surprised at how well behaved they are while I knit. I had to tell Wrigley once to leave my yarn alone, and now she does!

  7. Dani in NC said

    One of the reasons I knit is because I get fidgety if I don’t have anything to do with my hands. So I have taken my knitting almost everywhere, including church.

    I took a Spanish class at the local community college a few years ago. I would get to class early and take my knitting out. That way I would already be knitting when the teacher arrived and it wouldn’t be as distracting. I knit in every class and the teacher never commented. One day I got to class the same time the teacher did, so I didn’t take my knitting out. Halfway through the class, the teacher asked me where my knitting was. I looked at her, surprised. She said I was fidgeting so much that it was distracting her and she thought the knitting would calm me down. I didn’t even notice that I was doing it!

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