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Swimming in yarn

Posted by Andi on July 31, 2007

I was hoping to have Coachella ready by tomorrow night so I could wear it to Lollapalooza one day this weekend.  That will not happen. 

I got up to the point where you rejoin to knit in the round after making the arm holes, and knit 10 rounds, and the pattern says to try it on.  Holy crap.  I was totally swimming in it.  The front was so low that my chest would have totally fallen out of it.  There is nothing I can do to salvage it.  I will have to frog it and start over, making it a size smaller.

It’s always nice to know I need a size smaller.  It’s a bit of an ego boost.  It just means more work now.  I have a 38″ chest.  The pattern says that a small fits at 36″ chest, and a medium fits a 40″ chest.  I figured I should go with  the medium so it wouldn’t be too small.  I guess I was wrong.

 This is the second time in two days I overestimated what size I needed.  Last night I went to look at shorts at Target.  I was looking in the junior section.  I like Target’s junior section because they carry sizes 15 – 19, where many stores don’t carry above a 13.  I was actually wearing jeans I got at Target last night that were a size 17, and while they fit me like a glove when I got them, they are now a bit loose.  Not a lot loose, just a bit.  I went to try on shorts made by the same brand, and I tried on a 15 and a 17.  The 17 was too big, and the 15 was just fine.  Yay!  I think I am about 9 pounds lighter now than I was when I bought those size 17 jeans.  The last time I was happy with my size I was a size 13 in juniors, 10 in misses.  Right now I’m a 12.  My goal is to get back to a 10. 

One of the benefits of this reduction in size is that, if I can maintain it, it means I can buy less yarn when I knit things for myself!  Yay!


3 Responses to “Swimming in yarn”

  1. purlygirls said

    Hi. I just came across your website. I totally feel for you wanting to get back to a 10!! It’s my goal too. I’ve been trying since the birth of my first daughter which was 5/04. I did have another baby in 5/06 that has delayed my goal of getting into my housefull of 10s!! I started knitting in 4/05 and I’ve been hooked since. I just recently started blogging and am still trying to get my blog together. I’ll be keeping up with your goal and your knitting.

  2. Great job with the weight. I’ve been working out a lot this summer, and still have yet to see much improvement! Congrats, I know it is tough work!

  3. Andi said

    Thanks, both of you! I’m have changed my diet a bit and I am gonig to try to work out more. I had actually lost more than 9 pounds, but I got cocky and started eating what I wanted again. I think I gained 6 back, then lost 2 of those so I’m at 9 pounds. good luck to you both!

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