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I was right

Posted by Andi on July 16, 2007

I did only work on one project while I was in Indiana.  While I figured it would be the socks, it turned out I worked on the Montego Bay scarf.  I spent much of Saturday evening cutting the fringe.  I should be much further along than I am.  For a scarf with a 4-row repeat, where two of those rows are purl rows, you would think I wouldn’t mess up nearly as much as I have.  I frogged it three times already!  But I think I have a system now, and it’s going much better.  I may start the socks tomorrow.  We’ll see.

 I decided to work on the scarf first because it’s a summer scarf, so I can actually wear it right when I finish it.  The socks are non-shoe socks: They will be made of worsted weight yarn and will be too fat to wear with shoes.  I will only wear them around the house, and I don’t see that happening over the summer. 

I am going out three times this week, so I feared I would get no knitting done.  Tonight I’m going to a concert, tomorrow night I’m going to a movie in Grant Park, and Wednesday night I’m going to a concert in Millennium Park.  I think I can manage to knit on Tuesday and Wednesday, so maybe I will get that scarf finished.  Or a sock.  I’m hoping to be productive!


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