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Well doesn’t that just figure

Posted by Andi on July 13, 2007

Tomorrow Tim and I are going to spend the night at his parents’ house in Indiana. I spent all day trying to decide which project to bring. Do I stitch up Poinsettia? Or do I start the right front of Lys? We are only spending one night, and so I didn’t feel like dragging and entire sweater to sew up, nor did I feel like brining the many balls of yarn required for the different colors in Lys.

Even though I vowed to only have two projects on needles at a time, I decided that a third project was in order. Enter the Bee’s Knees socks from the Winter 2006/07 issue of knit.1:

The pattern requres size 6 and 8 DPNs. I have sizes 5, 7, and 9, but no 6 or 8. Figures, doesn’t it? I thought the fact that I already had the required yarn in my stash meant that I wouldn’t have to spend any money on this project. Oh how wrong I was. At least it is a stash-busting project.


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