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The new Knitty is up!

Posted by Andi on June 12, 2007

I haven’t looked at any of the articles yet, just the patterns. Which ones have caught my fancy?

Unmentionables (omg I must make this now!!!)
Chapeau marnier

I’m hoping I have stash yarn to use for Chapeau marnier.

How difficult would it be to make sweetpea as your first pair of socks made with proper sock yarn? I plan to make my first pair of socks after finishing Poinsettia and Lys. It’s a fairly basic pattern in stockinette stitch, made with worsted weight yarn. But as far as making my first pair of socks with actual sock weight yarn, would sweetpea be a good way to go, or am I better off with something simpler first?


One Response to “The new Knitty is up!”

  1. melissa said

    If you’ve done a fair bit of patterning before and feel very confident in following a chart and working in the round, then Sweetpea would be a perfectly sane choice as a first sock. If most of your knitting to date has been pretty straightforward, simple stuff, I’d use maybe the Yankee Knitter sock pattern or another basic one to get the feel and the anatomy. The only “tough” part for new sock knitters is the heel turn and gusset. In Sweetpea they’re worked in stockinette. Also, if you tend to jump in head first to most things rather than a toe at a time, and thrive on challenge and excitement…it depends on personality and knitting style.

    Let me know if you do make them up – I love the pattern, wear them often, and want to see what folks do with the pattern!

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