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Stanley Cup Knitting – Update

Posted by Andi on June 6, 2007

During Game 4 I continued to work on the first tie of the Poinsettia sweater.  Yes, I’m still on the first tie.  I’m trying to get through this, but it’s just. so. boring.  However, my data is now entered, I can’t do any analyses at home, the laundry is done, so I have no excuse.  I will knit all evening.  I definitely want to get tie 1 done during this game, and hopefully get a good way through tie 2. 

 I’ve been thinking about what project I am going to bring to Millennium Park for World Wide Knit In Public Day. If these ties aren’t done, I’m certainly not bringing them to the park. No way. So I’ve decided that after tonight I am going to spend the rest of the week winding my hanks (by hand as I have no winder) into balls and knitting gauge swatches for Lys. Finally!!!


One Response to “Stanley Cup Knitting – Update”

  1. I was thinking of you yesterday (or was it the day before) when Anaheim (sp?) won, and how quickly the playoffs went. I hope you reached some of your knitting goals. I LOVE the black sweater with the pink. It is really great! P2K

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