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Does this mean I’m not a typical female?

Posted by Andi on May 28, 2007

Stanley CupRecently I was listening to an old episode of Cast On (yeah, I’m still not caught up) in which Brenda Dayne mentioned an article in Chatelaine about Stanley Cup widows: Women who lose their husbands/boyfriends/significant others to a sporting event. She suggested that Stanley Cup widows use this time to knit. (Note: I listened to this podcast a while ago and have since deleted it, so I’m basing this on my memory, which might not be terrific. I apologize if I’m misrepresenting what was said.) This made me giggle a little bit because in my household there is a huge hockey fan, but I am no Stanley Cup widow. No, it is Tim who is the Stanley Cup widower (or whatever you would call him given that we aren’t married). I will be the one engrossed in a hockey game, yelling at the television, while my boyfriend tries to ignore it all.

Taking inspiration from last year’s Knitting Olympics, I have decided that I will use my time watching the Stanley Cup Finals to finish Poinsettia. I am composing this post during the first period of Game 1, and I vow to work on Poinsettia during every game I watch. My hope is that I will be done with the sweater by the time the Stanley Cup is awarded. I must work quickly because the possibility always exists that there could be a series sweep, and that I will only have four games during which I can knit.

I am not off to a good start. Earlier I polished my nails, and while I was waiting for them to dry I had Tim open a bottle of beer for me to enjoy while I watch my game (as beer and hockey go well together), so I won’t be able to start working on Poinsettia until the second period, and I won’t be able to have any more beer. Oh well, I am now on a quest.

Go Sens!

In other news, Comcast now carries The Tennis Channel, meaning that I can watch much more coverage of the French Open than I had anticipated. Perhaps I should extend my knitting time to include the time when I’m watching tennis, that way I don’t have to worry that a sweep might prevent me from finishing before the series is over.


2 Responses to “Does this mean I’m not a typical female?”

  1. I’m surprised that more knitters are not sports fans. I “watch” a lot of baseball, which is perfect for knitting. You listen, and when something great happens they show a replay – so you get to see everything, and get A LOT of knitting done. When I am watching a movie, I get really engrossed, and then I stop knitting. This is rare in baseball. P2K

  2. Andi said

    I agree. I also knit while watching baseball. Even when watching other sports I can tell from what the announcer is saying when I should look up, and as you said there are always replays. I think sports is the best thing to have on when knitting!

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