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Happy long weekend!

Posted by Andi on May 25, 2007

I’m spending this long weekend in the suburbs, at the home of my dad and step-mom. They are out of town this weekend, so I’m here to take care of my step-mom’s grandmother (who lives with them) as well as their two adorable little pugs, Wrigley and Mac.

I brought Poinsettia to work on. Now that I’m done knitting all of the main pieces, all that is left is the trim, the ties, and sewing it up. I hope I can find the time to do at least some of that over the next three days. On paper that is more than enough time; however, Wrigley is a crazy girl and loves to mess up my yarn. Mac is a very calm dog and doesn’t come near my knitting, but Wrigley will tear it apart if I let her. Perhaps after she goes to sleep at night I can get some work done on it.

Mmmm comfy!


3 Responses to “Happy long weekend!”

  1. The pug looks just like mine (she’s deceased now). I love pugs:)

  2. Amanda said

    She’s cute, though! Give her some needles and yarn so at least maybe she can work on her own project. (hey, it works with my cat!)

  3. Andi said

    Cactustneedles – My family have had pugs since I was in sixth grade, and I love them. After spending the weekend with the pugs I really wish I lived in an apartment that allowed dogs!

    Amanda – I should! Maybe she’d leave me be! As it is I got no work done!

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