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Out of sight, out of mind

Posted by Andi on May 9, 2007

No, I haven’t worked on Poinsettia any more.  To be honest, I haven’t actually thought about it until my friend asked me yesterday when I was going to start Lys.  I had no answer, other than to say, “Whenever I finish Poinsettia.”

 I’m determined to finish Poinsettia before starting another project, because I’m afraid if I don’t I will never finish it.  And there is so little left to do.

 Normally I keep my current projects in the living room, so they are always in sight.  If I’m watching television or something I will just go over to the recliner (where my projects usually park themselves) and will start knitting.  A few weeks ago I had to put Poinsettia away because I had a friend staying with me who was sleeping in the living room, and away Poinsettia has stayed.  I almost forgot it existed.

I would say I’m in a knitting slump, but I don’t think I am.  I’m looking forward to getting the next issue of Interweave Knits.  I read a post in a LiveJournal knitting community about knitting socks with Trekking yarn, which got me excited to use my own Trekking yarn.  I’m still excited about the craft, I’m just not excited about this project. 

In the past, when my excitement for a project has waned, I just gave up.  Why knit something I’m no longer interested in?  But this is different.  I’m not willing to give up so easily.  Why?  Because Poinsettia is cute.  I’m really hoping it fits nicely and that it will look good on me.  I think I could rock that sweater!  If only I could finish it! 

So tonight I will take my first step in conquering my apathy toward Poinsettia: I will take the project out of my bedroom where it currently sits hidden in a bag and put it back on the recliner.  And maybe that will lead to step #2: actually working on it.


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