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I can do short sleeves now

Posted by Andi on April 13, 2007

I subscribe to Berroco’s KnitBits newsletter, which loyally shows up in my inbox every Friday morning. The subject line of today’s KnitBits e-mail stopped me in my tracks.

“Slip into a spring tee or two”


I slowly started moving the mouse to the left, clicked on the little box, and started moving the pointer downward toward the “delete” button. Knitted tees – I don’t like them. I like knitted garments with long sleves, or no sleeves, but with short sleeves. I have yet to find a pattern for a short-sleeved garment that I would make for myself, and I didn’t expect that to change today. I unchecked the little box and opened the e-mail.

Oh, how wrong I was.

The e-mail featured two patterns. The first was Britannia:

How cute would that be over a blouse or tank top? And, not only is it cute, but I may have enough stash yarn to make it!!! This garment doesn’t really strike me as a tee, more of a half-sleeved sweater. The next pattern, Valpuri, is a tee:

How cute is that?! Finally, a short-sleeved garment I’d be willing to knit and wear for myself!!! Thanks, Berroco!

Now, it’s time to start toning my arms.


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