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Oh, happy day!

Posted by Andi on March 16, 2007

One of my favorite days of the year is the day I get my tax refund. That day happens to be today!

So, finally, after many months of searching and waiting, I was able to purchase the rest of the yarn for Lys, the cardi I’ve been dying to knit.

Lys will be either the most expensive or second most expensive thing I have knit. I made a wrap out of Mango Moon recycled silk that ended up costing me about $100. I made three different yarn purchases for Lys, and although I haven’t added them up yet, I think it will come to about the same price.

Given my poor graduate student status, I tried to be smart in purchasing the yarn for Lys. I went to several LYSs looking for the yarn. That way I was supporting local businesses, and at the same time buying yarn gradually so that I wouldn’t break my budget. I managed to find two of the three different colors of Softwist that I needed at two different yarn shops. Unfortuanately I was unable to find any of the rest of the yarn at the shops.

That’s where the tax rebate comes in. I was able to order the rest of the yarn, in the colors I needed, online in one lump sum. I finally had the money to do it, and I saved on shipping by getting it all at once.

Finally, the best thing is that when I made my “no buying yarn until the whole stash fits in the armoire” rule, I made an exception for the yarn for Lys. So I don’t feel bad.

In more stash busting news, today I will make some more strides to fit all of the yarn in the armoire. First, I’m going to donate some old acrylic to my friend’s mom who is making hats for charity. Second, I’m going to start Stash Busting Project #2. More on that later!


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