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Stash Busting

Posted by Andi on February 25, 2007

Before Christmas last year I purchsed yarn for two projects. The first was for a blanket that I was going to make for my dad and stepmom for Christmas, and the other was a hat for myself. I bought more yarn than the hat pattern called for because I wanted to make a scarf to match, which became my first ever crochet project.

It turns out that for both projects I had way more yarn than I needed. I went to put the leftover yarn into the armoire that holds my stash, and it didn’t fit. It was full. I had to use two boxes to hold the leftover yarn that didn’t fit in the armoire.

Yarn stash

I decided then and there that I will buy no more yarn (except for this sweater, in which I have been buying yarn here and there until I have all of it; I will purchase what I still need with my tax rebate money) until all of the yarn fits in the armoire.

I must say that I did give into temptation once. I bought some Lorna Laces yarn that was in an orange and blue colorway while the Chicago Bears were doing well. I made myself a hat with it.

I started going through my patterns to find something to make that would put a dent into my stash. I found the Poinsettia pattern from the Fall 2006 issue of Knitscene magazine.

I had enough black yarn for the body of the sweater, but finding yarn to use as the contrast color was difficult. There was only one color I had that would contrast well with the black. Fuschia. This may not seem to be an odd choice, but I am not a pink girl. However, my boyfriend assured me that it would look great on me, and my friend Angela assured me that it would look punk rock and that it would be fine.

I’m having some problems with this pattern. I was able to make the back just fine. No problems. But I’ve been having a problem with the right front. I’m supposed to decrease to do the neck shaping, and then knit even until I reach 17″. Unfortunately I’m at a tad over 18″ by the time I finish the shaping. I already took it apart and tried again, and the same thing happened. I checked the pattern’s website to look for errors that addressed this, but there was nothing. I have decided to rip out just a few rows to get it down to 17″ and move on. Let’s see how that works.


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